Sherborne Cinema | 11th May 2018


There is parking located to the left of the building and there is one disabled spot.


There is a paved ramp leading into the front of the venue and there is a large accessible double door. The ticket booth is located on the left hand side, this is where you can purchase your tickets and also some snacks and drinks.

There is one cinema screen; this is where all the films are shown. The back row has space for three wheelchair users.The aisle is wider than your average cinema and you are welcome to sit on the end of the aisle in your wheelchair if it is a smaller wheelchair, this may be more suitable for somebody with a sight impairment so they can be closer to the screen. It is advisable to turn up early if you are in a wheelchair so the most suitable. It Is advisable to turn up early if you are in a wheelchair so the most suitable seat for you can be found before everybody else arrives.

They also offer headphones for the blind, this facility offers audio description through the headphones and guide dogs are welcome into the building.

There is a small porch over the main entrance to the cinema, this was added for sound proof. It makes it a little tight getting into the cinema.


The toilets are on the right hand side of the building, the disabled toilet or ‘easy access toilet’ as Mark has called it, is at the end of the corridor on the left. The toilet is big enough for somebody to assist a wheelchair user and has suitable hand rails for transferring, The sink, hand dryer and toilet paper dispenser are all at a suitable lowered height.

Customer Service

Mark is an extremely friendly gentleman who has an obvious passion for film and has done a great job at keeping the traditional and personal touch within his cinema, it was a pleasure to meet him and I look forward to many more cinema trips in the future. Take a look at the website for up to date programme times



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