5th May 2017

There is disabled parking located at the Ladybellegate Street car park, Blackfriars car park or the Longsmith Street car park. Theses are a short walk from the restaurant.

There is a flat entrance leading into the venue with a large accessible double door.

 All the staff members were very helpful and friendly.


There is a disabled toilet located to the left at the back of the building.

The toilet is wheelchair accessible, there is enough room for a wheelchair to turn around in safely and enough room for a family member or PA to assist a wheelchair user.

There are handrails for both transfer sides.

The sink, hand dryer and toilet paper dispenser are all accessible for wheelchair users.

The lighting is nice and bright, the toiles are nice and clean and safe to use.


The restaurant is wheelchair accessible. The seating plan is open with lots of tables but no booths.

They don’t offer a larger print menu or braille menu for the visually impaired or a hearing loop for the deaf.

There is music playing in the background which we did find quite loud.

The lighting in the restaurant is nice and bright.

Accessibility Rating