Museum of Gloucester | 2nd May 2018


There are two disabled parking spaces located outside the building with two drop kerbs to get off the road however, these are hard to access once parked in the disabled spaces, you have to go along the road until the end where there is a drop kerb. There is also St Michaels Square car park close by where you can use your blue badge for 3 hours free parking.


There is a ramp leading into the venue, with a large accessible automatic double door. The reception point is on the right-hand side, as you enter the building. There is a lower section of the reception desk for wheelchair access. There is plenty of space to move a wheelchair around. There are lots of easy access things to see within the lower ground floor. There are also listening options with easy to reach buttons for wheelchair users. Every part of the downstairs floor is accessible, with easy to go through arches for wheelchairs.

There is another floor which is accessible via the lift and plenty of space to move around on the first floor with lots to see and look at. There are also two art galleries located on the first floor. This is all accessible and easy to view from a wheelchair.

Café / Gift Shop

There is a self-service café located on the ground floor. There is a selection of hot drinks available and cold drinks in the fridge. The seating plan is open with lots of space for wheelchair users and accessible tables. There are also a couple of quiet corners.

There is also a fantastic little gift shop with lots of gadgets, books and memorabilia.

Customer Service

All the staff at the museum are extremely friendly and helpful. Angela took the time out of her day to show us around and answer our questions.


There is a lift located at the back of the building, which will take you up to first floor. The lift is accessible for wheelchairs, there is a double sided door so you drive into the lift and drive out the other side.

It is not large enough for a wheelchair to turn around in but there is room for a family member or PA to assist the wheelchair user. The buttons are easy to reach for somebody in a wheelchair and easy to use.

There is an Evac chair available at the top of the stairs, in case of emergencies.


There are two disabled toilets on the ground floor, they aren’t large enough for a wheelchair to turn around in but they are large enough for somebody to assist. There are handrails for right and left hand transfer, the sink and hand dryer are at an appropriate height for a wheelchair however, the toilet paper dispenser and soap dispenser are a little high. The toilets are part of the public toilet scheme and are kept nice and clean.

Accessibility Rating

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