GL1 Leisure Centre | 22nd March 2017


There are 10 disabled parking spaces outside the front of the leisure centre.


There are two large, automatic doors leading into the venue.

For the swimming pool there are designated accessible toilets/changing rooms located on the ground floor. The one has a toilet, handrails for transfer sides and a walk in shower with a seat. The other changing offers exactly the same however, this one also offers a hoist, these changing rooms/toilets require a RADAR key.

The lockers and wristbands are charged at £1 each. This is the same for the ones in the gym. There are two main pools which offer a hoist. A trained member of staff will assist the wheelchair user when using the hoist. The most suitable time to use the pool for somebody with a disability is between 6.30am-9.00am which is the ‘Early Risers’ session and is the quietest time of day.

There are two disabled toilets/changing rooms for the gym, for male and female use. They are located on the first floor. The gym offers facilities to accommodate a wheelchair user and some of the machines in the gym can be operated by a wheelchair user. Once an induction has been completed by a trained member of staff, a PA or family member may assist a wheelchair user in the gym. It is advisable to book in advance for a PT session for a wheelchair user.


There is  a lift located to the right of the building, this will take you up to the gym. The lift is accessible for wheelchair users, it is not large enough for a wheelchair to turn around in but does have enough space for a PA or family member to assist a wheelchair user. The buttons are easy to reach on the outside and on the inside of the lift.

Customer Service

The staff members are very helpful, friendly and well mannered. The manager Chris took the time out of his day to show us around and answer our questions.


The restaurant/café is accessible for wheelchair users, they serve food from 10am until 5pm. The menu choices are all up on the wall on a large board.

Accessibility Rating

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