Dr Fosters | 11th May 2018


There is disabled parking located at the Herbert Warehouse or the Gloucester Docks car park where you can park for 3 hours for free with a blue badge, these spaces can be often be filled during busy times so you can also park in the Quays car park which isn’t far to walk or travel by wheelchair.


There are a set of stairs leading down to the entrance or a paved ramp to the left hand side, which leads to a large accessible double door. The restaurant is wheelchair accessible and the seating plan is open with lots of space and accessible tables. There are plenty of booths and quiet corners if you’d like to be out of the way.

There is an outdoor area with some benches which looks out onto the waterfront which is pleasant, there are some stairs leading out of the conservatory outdoors so this is only accessible for a wheelchair by going round the outside of the building via the front entrance. The staff are happy to show you round and help bring drinks over in this instance. The lower part to the conservatory is also accessible.

There is no lowered section of the bar which could make it a little difficult for wheelchair users to order drinks at the bar, especially if it is busy. You also need to place your food and drink order at the bar, which isn’t entirely obvious. They don’t offer a larger print menu or braille menu for the visually impaired or a hearing loop.

The lighting within the restaurant is nice and bright, there is quiet music playing in the background. They also allow guide dogs.


There is a disabled toilet located to the left hand side as you enter the building. The toilet is wheelchair accessible, it is not large enough for a wheelchair to turn around in but there is enough room for a family member or PA to assist a wheelchair user. There are handrails for both transfer sides. The sink, hand dryer and toilet paper dispenser are all accessible for wheelchair users.

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