3rd March 2017

There is disabled parking located in The Quays outlet centre.

There is a large accessible double door leading into the venue.

The staff are very friendly, well-mannered and helpful. Aga, the General Manager took the time out of her day to show us around and answer our questions. Our waiter, Brendon, made our experience more enjoyable.

There is a disabled toilet located on the ground floor. The toilet is accessible for wheelchair users, they are large enough for a wheelchair to turn around in safely. There is enough room for a PA or family member to assist a wheelchair user.

The toilet has a handrail for both transfer sides.

The sink, hand dryer and toilet paper dispenser are all accessible for wheelchair users.

The lockable  toilet requires a RADAR key.

There is enough lighting, the toilets are nice and clean and safe to use.


The restaurant is wheelchair accessible.

They serve food from 9am until 10pm.

The restaurant has large open plan seating, with lots of booths and quiet areas. It can become very loud and busy at the weekends.

They currently don’t offer larger print menus, braille or a hearing loop.

If you require your food to be liquidised they can offer this facility, or they are happy for you to bring in your own food.

There is quiet music playing in the background.

The lighting is quite dim within the venue but okay if you sit by the window – in daylight!

They also allow guide dogs into the building.


Accessibility Rating