Bill’s | 14th March 2017


There is lots of disabled parking in Gloucester Quays car park you can park here for free for 4 hours.


There is an accessible entrance leading into the venue, with a large double door along the side on the building.

There are a lot of tables located around the restaurant. There is one booth located to the right-hand side of the restaurant if you wanted to get away from any noise, although the restaurant wasn’t overly noisy, there was some quiet music playing in the background. There is one long seated booth and a couple quiet corners.

There are a few special chalk boards with menu choices located around the building.

If you require your food to be liquidised they can help with this facility. If not they are happy for you to bring in your own food. They currently don’t offer a larger print menu, a braille menu or a hearing loop.


There is a disabled toilet located at the back of the building. There is a ramp needed to access these toilets, the staff will help with accessing and using this ramp.

The toilets are accessible for wheelchair users, it is large enough for a wheelchair to turn around in and large enough for a PA or family member to assist a wheelchair user. The toilet has a handrail for both transfer sides. The sink, hand dryer and toilet paper dispenser are all accessible for wheelchair users.

There is enough lighting, the toilets are nice and clean and safe to use.

Customer Service

The staff are friendly, helpful and well mannered. The manager Ella, took the time out of her day to show us around and answer our questions.

Accessibility Rating

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