Cattle Country

Cattle Country

30th June 2017

Cattle country is a great day out for families. There is lots to do for young children of all ages. There are limitations for the disabled but the park can still be enjoyed. All the staff members were very friendly, helpful and well mannered. Stuart the manager took the time out of his day to find us and answer any of our questions. An on-site vet ensurse the animals are well looked after and the park is kept clean and tidy. There are no smoking areas and first aid kits located around the park to ensure a pleasant and safe trip. Overall I would recommend this as a fun day out!


There are designated disabled parking spaces. However these were not very clearly displayed. There was an accessible double door with a ramp leading into the venue. The reception point was accessible but it was quite high.

There were lots of accessible areas for wheelchair users although there were some restricted areas.

There was a farmyard trail that can be accessed by wheelchair users. On the farmyard there were lots of animals including pigs that you could feed. There was also an area where you could wash your hands after feeding the pigs which was also accessible.

There was an indoor animal area where you could get close and personal with the animals. This was accessible for wheelchair users including the hand wash stations.

There was also an accessible grassy area with picnic benches.

There are lots of areas around the park which are great fun for kids but are inaccessible for wheelchair users. These include a huge pillow for bouncing on, mini golf, a splash pool, climbing frames, a boating lake and two soft-play areas but it is possible to watch family and friends from a short distance away.


The main downfall of the park was that there was only one disabled toilet. Considering the size of the park this is not ideal as there was another block of public toilets located at the bottom of the park where a second accessible loo could have been installed. The disabled toilet is located at the top of park, it has handrails for both side transfers. The sink, hand dryer and toilet paper dispenser are all accessible for wheelchair users.

It is large enough for a wheelchair to turn around in safely and there is enough room for a family member or PA to assist a wheelchair user. The toilet doesn’t require a RADAR key and unfortunately there wasn’t a workable lock on the door so it’s open to all and not very private! The lighting was poor inside the toilet when the door was shut.


There is an onsite café with a ramp leading up to the double doors. The only menu was a chalk board. This wasn’t suitable for visitors who are visually impaired.

The café was light, spacious and open plan, but there were no booths. This would unsuitable for visitors sensitive to loud noises.

The food was satisfactory and served quickly and there were small round tables inside and outside that were suitable for wheelchair users.

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